The London Java Community for the Docklands

Mar 17 2017

Alternative Languages: Kotlin and Clojure

We are pleased to bring you the seventeenth event of the Docklands.LJC; a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Docklands each month.

Our two speakers this month are Oliver Hine from Credit Suisse and Richard Green from R3

As the spaces are limited, places will be preferentially allocated to those who have attended previously and first-timers; those with a low attendance record may be removed.

** Please note **

Your FULL NAME is required by building security in order to attend. If your username is not your full name, please add it when registering, otherwise you will be REMOVED from the event.

This event is being hosted by Barclays in London. Sign-up information is available at

Arrive from 6:15pm, talks will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Attendees arriving after 6:40pm will not be admitted.

The program is as follows:

  • 6:15 pm Doors open

  • 6:25pm Introductions

  • 6:30pm Speaker One and Q& A session. Approx 60 min in total

  • 7:30pm Speaker Two and Q & A session. Approx 60 min in total

  • 8:30pm Wrap up & beer at Davy’s, our official watering hole

Nearest coffee shop – Café Brera, One Canada Square, Cabot Place, if you arrive early.

Richard Green - R3, Corda and Kotlin.

Richard gives an introduction on how fintech startup R3 use Kotlin in their blockchain-inspired distributed ledger platform, Corda. Richard delves into the reasons why R3 chose Kotlin, the experiences the team had, the lessons learned along the way and the challenging future ahead

Oliver Hine - Clojure: an introduction for Java Devs

Clojure is a functional language, concise, thread safe, and very accessible to Java developers due to the JVM runtime and Java interopability. This introduction to the language, tools and possibilities they unleash will hopefully inspire you to find out more


Oliver Hine has a background in financial institutions where he worked to bring sanity to large scale systems before more recently delivering with JUXT one of the largest UK property websites. He is a Clojure enthusiast and an advocate of simplicity

Richard Green is a Senior Developer at R3. He joined the company just over a year ago and has been working on both the Corda core platform as well as some various proof of concepts along the journey, starting off with the first initial public demonstration of Corda in the Barclays’ Smart Contracts Templates demonstration, the integration of OpenGamma’s SIMM pricing library with which he somewhat optimistically but successfully live demonstrated in front of an audience of R3’s European members (even after getting his microphone tangled on a chair on his way to the stage).

Richard’s technical career of 25 years has spanned across mainly the financial markets where has worked at ING, Warburgs, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Swiss Re and Barclays. He also spent seven winter months in the sunnier climes of Iraq where he and fourteen of his military compatriots would sneak around in the dead of night helping obtain intelligence for the British Army, often being mistaken by friendly forces for an officer much to the continued annoyance of his Sergeant.

Out of work, Richard tries to avoid spending time with his family by going to the gym, occasionally flying various type of RC aircraft and then climbing trees in order to rescue the aforementioned models

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