The London Java Community for the Docklands

Sep 13 2016

Strata and Low Latency Microservices in Java

We are pleased to bring you the fourteenth event of the Docklands.LJC; a group within the main London Java Community that focuses on the developer community in and around Docklands on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Our speakers this month are Peter Lawrey and Stephen Colebourne

Peter Lawrey - Low latency Microservices in Java

In this talk we will look at the differences between micro-services and monolith architectures and their relative benefits and disadvantages. We will look at design patterns which will allow us to utilize these different strategies as a deployment concern without significant changes to the business logic.

We will look at how micro-service architecture can be implemented under low latency constraints of 10 - 100 micro-second latencies, in Java in particular, and how these strategies reduce the impact of serializing data and logging.

The presentation from this session is now available.

Stephen Colebourne - Strata, the new Open Source Library for Market Risk

Strata is the new Open Source library for market risk from OpenGamma, written in Java 8. It follows the many of the design principles of Joda-Time and JSR-310, bringing easy-to-use and high quality open source to the domain of quantitative finance and market risk. In this talk Stephen will show how the library allows you to price financial instruments like interest rate swaps and options, demonstrating the key elements of the library including curves, conventions and holiday calendars. So if you work in finance, or are interested in what a well-designed Java 8 library looks like, do come along and see how open source can change finance.

The presentation from this session is now available.


Peter Lawrey has the most answers for Java and JVM on (~12K), runs the “Vanilla Java” blog with four million views and ~300 posts, is the founder of the Performance Java User’s Group, a virtual JUG with 1800+ members, is the architect of Chronicle Software, an open source project for high performance, low latency libraries in Java, & is a Java Champion

Stephen Colebourne is Engineering Lead, Platform at OpenGamma, the creators of Strata. He is best known for his work on open source Java with the “Joda projects”. Of these, Joda-Time is the best known, inspiring JSR-310, the new date and time library in Java 8. As a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star speaker, he continues to push Java forward.

This event is being hosted by Barclays in London. Sign-up information is available at